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Yet another gift from GE - the tremendously swift CT scanner

You must be well aware that a CT scan uses X-rays and a computer to generate comprehensive images within the body. CT scans are also called CAT scans where CAT stands for Computerized Axial Tomography. During the scan, you have to recline on your back on a level bed. The CT scanner comprises an X-ray tube that revolves around your body; as a result, you are continuously in motion through this gyratory ray. The X-rays are picked up by a perceiver on the conflicting side of your body and an illustration of the scan is created by a computer.

New MRI Technology Detects Alzheimer's at Earliest Stage

New MRI scientific know how can locate the secret code of Alzheimer’s disease prior to the appearance of its symptoms. The reason is that the high-tech MRI device works in coordination with the magnetic nanostructure as well as an antibody (that seeks out the amyloids beta brain toxicants responsible for commencement of Alzheimer’s disease) which assists in the recognition of amyloids beta oligomers brain toxicants.

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