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Philips is expanding its products range in radiology

Recently Philips announced three new products and services related to radiology which includes 3D printed models, a new CT Scanner and extension of partnership with Banner Health.

Philips announced agreements with industry leaders 3D Systems and Stratasys. It enables the radiologists to quickly produce 3D printed models to understand patient anatomy more accurately. Intellispace Portal 10 is the first advanced visualization platform to feature 3D modeling application which helps to creating and exporting 3D models into the clinical workflow.

Users can create the model of Intellispace Portal 10 which can easily save the data and transfer the data to 3D vendors without leaving the clinical environment. By improving 3D printing capabilities, which empowers providers to improve care for complex cases and increase diagnostic confidence.

The global leader in healthcare technology also introduced IQon Elite Spectral CT which is the first detector-based spectral CT scan. IQon platform helps to improve diagnostic confidence in the first scanning  and supporting the needs of emergency/trauma and oncology care. According to Philips, it can scan up to 200 patients per day due it its faster re-construction speeds.

The Philips and Arizona based Banner Health announced the extension of multi-year partnership with Arizona based Banner includes adoption of Philip’s Performance Bridge Practice. It is an operational performance improvement system that assist radiology departments improve productivity,  improving patient and staff experience and deliver better valued care.

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