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Nuclear Scans Interpretation and Reporting

Online Interpretation and Reporting of Nuclear Scans

We offer online interpretation and reporting of Nuclear Scans with a turn around time between of 24-48 hours. Our Teleradiology Team consists of experienced nuclear medicine specialists from India.

Genito-Urinary Procedures

  • DTPA / MAG3 / EC renogram
  • DMSA scan
  • Radionuclide cystography / DRCG
  • Transplant kidney evaluation


  • Thyroid scan
  • Parathyroid scan
  • Whole body iodine scan
  • Whole body MIBG scan

Hepato-Biliary And GIT

  • Hepato biliary (HIDA scan)
  • Sulphur colloid scan (RES)
  • Gastric emptying time 
  • Gastro-esophageal reflux study


  • Lung perfusion scan
  • Lung ventilation scan


  • Stress rest Myocardial perfusion scan
  • Myocardial viability scan
  • MUGA / RNV scan

PET Scans

  • Whole body FDG PET scan without diagnostic CT 

Whole Body Bone Scan

How it Works

We believe in keeping things simple. We have a straight forward 3 step processes to deliver your nuclear scan reporting needs:

Step 1: Setting up upload gateway

For clients with large volume of cases, an upload gateway is installed in the PC connected to the nuclear scan machines.

 Step 2: Images are uploaded to PACS

Client centers upload nuclear study files to our PACS along with clinical history of patients. 

 Step 3: Report delivery

Our team of radiolgoists read and interpret the studies and reports are preparaed and saved in PACS. The finalized reports can be downloaded from the PACS. 

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