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New wearable MRI scanner will be able to read your minds

Researchers found a new wearable MRI scanner which may help to diagnose brain tumours and heart diseases.This device developed by San Francisco  based startup Open water which can able to scan brain and other body parts million times higher than MRI machine.

This wearable MRI scanner can replace the functions of large MRI machines by using opto electronics which helps for treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases etc. The new device is designed to be worn inside a ski-hat and use the infrared light to scan the brain or body and then it beams the image back and shrinking the size of pixels on a display screen to almost the size of a wavelength of light. 

The main goal of Openwater device is that the device follow the flow of oxygenated blood to different parts of the brain. This Openwater device is smaller and affordable than currently available MRI machine. The advantages of  the device is : it is less expensive, smaller than normal MRI scanner and accurate.

This device have the capability to receive clear images based on blood flow and which allow a person to upload their thoughts directly to a computer.

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