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MRI scan may help to detect brain damage in newborn babies 2 years earlier

According to new study an MRI spectroscopy scan can  detect brain damage in newborn babies within 15 minutes and it is 98% accurate. 

According to the scientist new study MRI spectroscopy can assess the health of brain cells in the thalamus of the newborn babies, which coordinates a number of functions including movements. The scan specifically tests for a compound called N acetylaspartate. Usually level of 9-10 is found in health neurons but a level of 3-4 indicates brain damage.

This technology is same as that of normal MRI scan and the only difference is that the baby to spend an additional 15 minutes in the scanner. The scan does not carry any additional cost and the data can be easily analysed using special software. 

During the trial of new therapy, new born babies receives cooling therapy immediately after birth. Cooling newborn babies body may help to reduce the extent of brain damage and reduce the risk of long- term disabilities. After the cooling therapy babies underwent a brain scan and detailed assess of brain damage upto two years earlier than current methods. 

As a result an MR spectroscopy scan can accurately predict the levels of toddlers development at two years old.

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