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McGill University receives Canada’s first whole body 7T MRI scanner

Recently McGill university delivered Canada’s First whole body 7T MRI Scanner in Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital. The new MRI Scanner will deliver clear images of the nervous system.

The new 7T MRI scanner manufactured by Siemens Canada. This new scanner is capable of taking high resolution images at pixel dimensions. The main features of new scanner is:

  1. More powerful functional MRI, which shows the localization of specific brain functions and how different brain areas work together.
  2. Detailed microstructural images that are of great value in the study of neurological disease.
  3. More sensitive characterization of biochemical processes in tissue throughout the body.

Amir Shmuel, one of the researcher of The neuro said, “ The 7T scanner makes it possible to image the structure and activity of the building blocks of the brain. Therefore, it allows a significant leap in our capacity to study the healthy brain and its malfunction in disease”. Recently 7T scanner has been approved for clinical diagnosis in the United states and Canada.

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