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cloud radiology

Cloud Based Image Sharing Improves Efficiency   

Researchers in the American College of Radiology  found high efficacy of cloud - based image sharing in a mammography department. Radiologists should invest in cloud - based image sharing software for departmental workflow purposes. Early days, images are obtained by faxing request to other institutions and waiting for mail, which can delay report. Recently cloud - based image technology open more efficient options for examination transfer between institutions.

Researchers placed the images into control and experimental groups. Control group use the standard method of acquiring prior images including faxing request and waiting for images. But in experimental groups use cloud - based technology transfer for requesting and receiving images.

Using cloud - based image sharing there was an average reduction rate of almost three days between examination request and receipt and reduced completion of final report nearly by seven days. Aside from efficiency it reduces time required between request and receipt of images. The cloud-based approach prompted to reevaluate several steps in old system that were unnecessary and were simply continued as tradition.  


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