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Experience the Magic of Advanced Technology at RSNA

ICAD - an engineering system which is not only information- supported but a supplier of sophisticated illustration scrutiny, workflow solutions and radiation treatment for the early on recognition and management of malignancy. The same intends to attribute advanced computer-aided detection solutions for the early detection of breast and colon malignancy during the hundredth yearly conference of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago to be held from November 30th till 5th of December 2014.

As stated by Ken Ferry - President and Chief Executive Officer of iCAD, With speedy advancement of medical imaging, iCAD keeps on building its Computer Aided Design contributions to guarantee that Radiologists have right of entry to the most modern solutions for most favorable concern regarding the patients.

Not only will the iCAD display the Power Look Advanced Mammography Platform - a proposal graded according to a range and planned to deal with the mounting requirements of the radiology society but also the Vera Look CTC. The former has developed to take in quite a few components for the evaluation of breast compactness, estimation of dosage in addition to refined detailed examination. The latter is meant to find out and draw attention to possible polyps during ComputedTomographic Colonography examinations.

When trapped near the beginning, colon malignancy is decidedly treatable. Vera Look is by now being put up for sale profitably in Europe and Canada, and is a significant apparatus in assisting radiologists discover colon malignancies in advance and with faith. Virtual colonoscopy with CAD is an innovative technology that can produce this life-saving investigation easy to get to by many people.

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