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FDA approved new blood test for Brain injuries

Researchers introduced new blood test which helps to detect concussion in adults which has been approved by FDA. This blood test id quick, effective and it helps to reduce patients exposure to radiation. 

Swedish American headache specialist Dr. Royce says, “The blood test measures brain proteins and enzymes that might be expressed, given out at the time of a mild traumatic brain injury”. The new blood test is quick and reliable which helps to detect signs of concussion. The Banyan Brain Trauma indicator test measures two proteins ie, UCH-L1 and GFAP which are released after the head injury. The blood test can be taken within 12 hours of injury and results can be obtained within three or four hours. 

Usually, patients with brain injuries follow CT scan which helps to detect brain tissue damage and intracranial lesions. CT scans can only detect bleeding or swelling in the brain. But blood test helps physicians to predict the need for a CT scan and can avoid patients to unnecessary radiation.     

The Banyan Brain Trauma indicator test is more effective in identifying intracranial bleeding, it is safer and less expensive. BTI test does not eliminate the need for proper observation, diagnoses and intervention from licensed medical professionals after head injury.                                                     

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