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Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in Radiology

In Chicago at the Radiological Society of North America, experters said nowadays artificial intelligence are useful for radiologists which helps to improve medical imaging and speed up the reading of x rays and other scans. 
On Tuesday a tech company Infervision, introduced an AI platform which is helpful for radiologists to detect and diagnose stroke faster. It improves medical image analysis. 

The new stroke screening system helps radiologists to identify which type of stroke a patient may have suffered either a hemorrhagic stroke or an ischemic stroke. Because of this systems patients can receive effective and faster treatment. 

The CEO of Infervision said, “We are dedicated this system to helping radiologists which helps to speed up their diagnosis of stroke and patients can get most effective and appropriate treatment as fast as possible.  

Researcher Hugo Aerts in Cambridge compare the impact of AI on radiology. AI can hugely help radiologists in areas where they have limitations, such as determining if a lung nodule found screening is benign and malignant. 

Aerts added, “Through the application of AI in radiology we can extract more information from the image than meets the eyes”.

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