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AI can diagnose neurological diseases in seconds than human diagnosis

Researchers have found new Artificial Intelligence platform, which helps to diagnose  neurological diseases such as stroke, hemorrhage just in 1.2 seconds.  This system is faster than human diagnosis and it is accurate. 

The senior author Eric Oremann said, They were planned to develop artificial intelligence in medicine which helps to solve clinical problems and improve patient care. This is one of the first study to utilize artificial intelligence to detect a wide range of neurological events and also indicate direct clinical application. 

For continuing the study researchers used 37,236 CT head scans which helps to identify whether an image contains critical and non-critical findings. The software can determine the disease quickly, whereas radiologists takes time to notice a disease. The AI system was able to preprocess and diagnose an image faster but it took physicians 150 times longer to assess the image.

Now this study used “weakly supervised learning approaches” but for the next stage, research  will include enhanced CT scan labeling and a progression from weakly supervised learning approaches to strongly supervised techniques for increasing data efficiency. This changes will going to happen within next two years.

The author Burton Dayer said “The application of deep learning and computer vision techniques to radiological imaging is a clear imperative for 21st century medical care”.

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