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Cloud Based Image Sharing Improves Efficiency   

Researchers in the American College of Radiology  found high efficacy of cloud - based image sharing in a mammography department. Radiologists should invest in cloud - based image sharing software for departmental workflow purposes. Early days, images are obtained by faxing request to other institutions and waiting for mail, which can delay report. Recently cloud - based image technology open more efficient options for examination transfer between institutions.

Outsourcing Teleradiology Reporting Services to India

India has achieved a high rank on grounds of progression in various economic sectors and has always been looked upon as an attractive destination for commercial ventures. With the advancement in broadband communications and the Internet, providing professional services through that medium  has become a value route for India to move up in the economic value chain. The scenario has influenced  the growth of offshore back office services like Radiology Outsourcing.

How Clinics/Hospitals/Imaging Centers Can Benefit from Teleradiology

Hospitals, Clinics, Imaging centers are having distinguished benefits from the use of teleradiology reporting services. These benefits are applicable even if the centers are having a low volume of radiology studies. Some of the key benefits are listed below. 

  1. Teleradiology services offer provision of sub-specialty opinion and support which may be beyond the skills of an existing team. 

  2. Provision of after hour services which relieve radiologists from the burden of being on-calls at night.

Growth and Potential for Teleradiology in India
Its a fact that the number of qualified radiologists are not increasing with reference to the exponential growth in the number
Open MRI Machines to Alleviate Patients' Anxiety

Despite the established safety and diagnostic value of the MRI machines, a lot of patients feel anxious to undergo the process and try avoiding it as much as possible. This is perhaps due to the feeling of claustrophobia that the closed type MRI machines impart. Open MRI machines have solved this issue to a great extent by making the people feel more secure and comfortable while going through an MRI scan.

The vital role of technologists in mammography screening

The vital role of technologists  in mammography screening Among the many features that manipulate the performance of radiologists, the role of technologists has never been emphasized adequately. Keeping this fact in mind, Louise Henderson and contemporaries from the University of North Carolina US, found a statistically vital effect from the technologists on the following:

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