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Philips is expanding its products range in radiology

Recently Philips announced three new products and services related to radiology which includes 3D printed models, a new CT Scanner and extension of partnership with Banner Health.

Philips announced agreements with industry leaders 3D Systems and Stratasys. It enables the radiologists to quickly produce 3D printed models to understand patient anatomy more accurately. Intellispace Portal 10 is the first advanced visualization platform to feature 3D modeling application which helps to creating and exporting 3D models into the clinical workflow.

Successful separation of conjoined twins made possible by CT imaging and 3D printing
Separating joined twins is a highly risky operation. The surgeries get more complicated if their organs and blood vessels are shared.
Experience the Magic of Advanced Technology at RSNA

ICAD - an engineering system which is not only information- supported but a supplier of sophisticated illustration scrutiny, workflow solutions and radiation treatment for the early on recognition and management of malignancy. The same intends to attribute advanced computer-aided detection solutions for the early detection of breast and colon malignancy during the hundredth yearly conference of the Radiology Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago to be held from November 30th till 5th of December 2014.

Hone your expertise in Radiology

Mammo Coach - an innovative corporation and the creation of Dr. Markus Holzhauer, a radiologist, intends to present online coaching modules that permit the partakers to bring in CME (Continuing Medical Education) recognition and perk up their skills of screening mammography.

World Radiology Day is 8th November

It is said that the absolute skill of war is to subdue the enemy without warfare; is it possible? Let’s see! When you glance at the history of tools and gadgets over the last many decades, you apprehend that it has to do with reducing the volume of time and making the world smaller. The topic of the World Radiography Day for the year 2014 is the remembrance of World War 1.On the 8th of November, the radiographers and specialists in radiologic technology, across the globe will participate in the festivities.

Donor Lung Preservation Device Gets FDA Approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced its approval of a unique device that can make more lung transplants possible. Designed by a Swedish company, the XVivo Perfusion System (XPS) with Steen Solution is used with donor lungs that upon initial assessment do not meet the criteria for transplantation, but with further evaluation may actually be deemed viable.

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