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teleradiology service

How Clinics/Hospitals/Imaging Centers Can Benefit from Teleradiology

Hospitals, Clinics, Imaging centers are having distinguished benefits from the use of teleradiology reporting services. These benefits are applicable even if the centers are having a low volume of radiology studies. Some of the key benefits are listed below. 

  1. Teleradiology services offer provision of sub-specialty opinion and support which may be beyond the skills of an existing team. 

  2. Provision of after hour services which relieve radiologists from the burden of being on-calls at night.

  3. Enable centers to handle low volumes without actually hiring a permanent radiologist. 

  4. Vaccation and weekend coverage for the resident radiologists

  5. Teleradiology reporting will be more cost effective in some parts the world. 

  6. More efficient use of radiology infrastructure.

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